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April 26, 2004



oh yeah - this is so true - they hear everything and record it meticulously. I was babysitting for my nephew and he wouldn't nap and was running around and took a flying leap off the bunk bed right onto my chest. I hollered "Bad Boy!That was a bad, bad boy!" (like I holler at my kitties when they are weaselly) And later on, in response to something we said about going out for treats: oh no, I shouldn't get any good things because I am a bad boy - a bad, bad boy!" I wanted to just smack myself right upside the head for being such a bad, bad aunt . . .


i love this photo....is the rebel back
in working order??


Yes! I took this photo with it and I LOVE the camera. Actually, I haven't sent it in to be repaired yet--I couldn't bring myself to part with it. I have it rigged with duct tape for the time being, and it works just fine (for now).

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